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Date : 08/2022

Sport Country Country search League newest Result
Floorball Results Sweden Sweden Swedish Superleague 12/03/22
Floorball Sweden --- Elitserien Damer 19/03/22
Floorball Sweden --- Swedish Superleague Women Qualification 14/04/19
Floorball Sweden --- Elitserien Damer Playoffs 23/04/22
Floorball Sweden --- Swedish Superleague Qualification 19/04/22
Floorball Sweden --- Swedish Superleague Playoffs 23/04/22
Floorball Sweden --- Allsvenskan Norra 13/03/22
Floorball Sweden --- Allsvenskan Södra 12/03/22
Floorball Sweden --- Allsvenskan Qualification 14/04/19
Floorball Results Denmark Denmark UMBRO Liga Vest 18/12/21
Floorball Denmark --- UMBRO Liga Ost 09/01/22
Floorball Denmark --- UNIHOC Ligaen 11/12/20
Floorball Denmark --- UMBRO Liga Playoffs 09/04/22
Floorball Results Norway Norway Eliteserien Playoffs 09/04/22
Floorball Norway --- Eliteserien Women Playoffs 09/04/22
Floorball Norway --- Eliteserien 05/03/22
Floorball Norway --- Eliteserien Women Playoffs Part B 17/03/19
Floorball Norway --- Eliteserien Women Playoffs Part A 17/03/19
Floorball Norway --- Eliteserien Women 12/03/22
Floorball Results Finland Finland 2-Divisioona Kakkois-Suomi Playoffs 13/04/22
Floorball Finland --- 2-Division Pohjois-Suomi 29/03/22
Floorball Finland --- 1-Divisioona Divari 06/03/22
Floorball Finland --- Naisten Salibandyliiga 23/02/22
Floorball Finland --- Nuorten SM Sarja Pasm Playoffs 18/05/22
Floorball Finland --- Naisten Salibandyliiga Playoffs 23/04/22
Floorball Finland --- 2-Divisioona Etela-Suomi Playoffs 24/03/19
Floorball Finland --- 2-Division Savo-Karjala Playoffs 08/04/22
Floorball Finland --- 2-Divisioona Lansirannikko Playoffs 17/04/22
Floorball Finland --- Miesten Salibandyliiga 13/03/22
Floorball Finland --- Miesten Salibandyliiga Playoffs 02/05/22
Floorball Finland --- 1-Divisioona Divari Playoffs 10/04/22
Floorball Finland --- 2-Divisioona Etela-Suomi 1 16/04/22
Floorball Finland --- 2-Division Sira Suomi 10/04/22
Floorball Finland --- 2-Division Savo-Karjala 26/03/22
Floorball Finland --- 2-Divisioona Pohjanmaa 09/04/22
Floorball Finland --- Miesten Salibandyliiga Playouts 27/03/22
Floorball Finland --- Nuorten SM Sarja Pasm 02/04/22
Floorball Finland --- 2-Divisioona Etela-Suomi 2 08/03/20
Floorball Finland --- 2-Divisioona Lansirannikko 09/04/22
Floorball Finland --- 2-Division Sira Suomi Playoffs 16/04/22

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